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The list of COIT carpet cleaning prices can be lengthy for a few people but it’s only because of the wide range of services offered by the company. The list of customers, past and present, that COIT has can be lengthy, too, because it’s just the way things work when a professional cleaning company has been in business for the past 65 years and counting.  

Below are the latest Coit Carpet Cleaning prices.

Item Price

COIT Carpet Estimates

Prices will vary by location and home.

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Estimated Price for 3 Rooms $180.00
Estimated Price for Retail Space $480.00
Residential Carpet Cleaning (Minimum Order) $125.00
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Company Overview

In 1950, Lou Kearn opened a small business offering dry cleaning services near the COIT Tower in San Francisco, California. He offered drapery cleaning services soon after resulting in an increase in business. He also offered the 100% best carpet cleaner satisfaction guarantee – and the tradition continues to this day. Every type of cleaning services performed by COIT still has the guarantee and its customers are definitely happy about it!  

Today, the COIT network consists of numerous locations across the United States and Canada as well as in Thailand. Despite the growth of the business, it has remained a family-owned business where the employees from the managers to the cleaning technicians are considered as family, too. The close-knit corporate culture is, in fact, among the reasons for its enduring popularity amidst the emergence of competitors, many of which have innovative technologies.

Aside from the company-owned locations, COIT also has a strong network of franchised locations. Every location, nonetheless, whether in the United States, Canada, or Thailand, has employees who are passionate about the COIT brand. Every employee also works hard and works well in earning the trust of its customers in the residential, commercial and industry sectors.  

The COIT brand has established a reputation for being value-driven in the delivery of its cleaning and restoration services. The COIT motto – make the world a cleaner, healthier and happier place – is also evident in every job! The excellent results in each cleaning and restoration job speak for itself and we have to say that we, too, have experienced it for ourselves.  

While COIT initially made a name for itself in carpet and curtain cleaning, it has expanded its range of services through the years. When you’re looking for the best results in air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and water damage restoration services, you shouldn’t look further than COIT!

Over the years, COIT has garnered positive reviews and recommendations from its thousands of customers. In the Internet Age, there reviews can also be found on the dozens of review sites, as well as on the COIT official website itself. Individuals interested in COIT’s cleaning services can use these customer reviews in making an informed decision – and we highly recommend it, too.

Keep in mind, however, that each home, office, and business will have specific needs and wants in cleaning services.  The COIT employees will discuss your own needs and wants in the company’s cleaning services before determining the details of the cleaning contract. These details will include the areas for cleaning, the types of items to be cleaned, and the reasonable results expected, among others.

No matter your cleaning needs, you will find that indeed COIT will deliver the best results at fair prices! You will not even look for other cleaning services provider when you get a taste of COIT’s performance.  

Services Offered

COIT offers more cleaning and restoration services than most of its competitors. Be sure to contact the nearest COIT location in your area for more information about its available services. This is because the types of services and their scope and prices will likely vary between locations.  

  • Carpet Cleaning

COIT initially established its enviable reputation via its excellent carpet cleaning services. Every technician has been extensively trained in the IICRC-approved methods of cleaning carpets and rugs. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is an independent organization that provides interested individuals with the most extensive and best technical training courses in carpet cleaning and restoration.

Aside from the IICRC certification, the COIT technicians have also undergone training conducted by the company itself thus making them among the most experienced in the industry. They also remain updated on the latest carpet cleaning technologies so that they can deliver better and better results. They also continue to hone their knowledge and skills by acquiring advanced certifications, such as IICRC Journeymen and IICRC Master Status.  

COIT technicians use only safe and effective cleaning products and equipment, such as an advanced truck-mounted system, cleaning solution, and stain-resistant protective coating, for each job.  While a few of the cleaning products can be purchased in stores, it takes the skills and knowledge of COIT technicians to put them to best use.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

COIT doesn’t stop with the usual leather upholstery on furniture and other items around the home and office. The cleaning technicians can also competently handle challenging materials including suede, ultra-suede, silk, and velvet, all of which require specialized products, equipment and skills to maintain their appearance.

Why clean your upholstered furniture and the like? Research has shown that a significant portion of the dust and dirt brought in from outside will settle, so to speak, in upholstered furniture. Regular cleaning is then a must so that dirt and dust will not accumulate in the furniture’s nooks and crannies.

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

The tiles and grout in the bathroom, kitchen sink, and countertops will become dirty with the buildup of dust, dirt and grime, as well as mold and mildew, over time. This is true even when regular do-it-yourself cleaning is performed because the accumulated dirt will not respond as well as expected to over-the-counter products and vigorous scrubbing.  

COIT, in contrast, uses its safe and effective cleaning products in conjunction with its powerful truck-mounted cleaning system in removing the grime, contaminants, and mold from the tiles and grouts. The three-step cleaning process involves the use of heated water, specialized cleaning solutions, and a powerful vacuum followed by a high-pressure rinse to remove all residues.  

But it doesn’t stop there either! After they have thoroughly cleaned the tiles and grout, the COIT technicians also apply a penetrating sealer as a protective barrier against mildew, molds and stains for the grout. The protection will last for the next two years although regular DIY cleaning, such as scrubbing the tiles and grout, is still recommended.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

Many of COIT’s cleaning technicians are also trained in effective and efficient air duct cleaning, among the more popular cleaning services offered by the company. Regular and proper air duct cleaning is a must because harmful contaminants, allergens and pathogens can lurk here – and you don’t want them adversely affecting your family’s health.  

COIT also uses top-of-the-line air duct cleaning products and processes. These include the HEPA-Aire vacuum and Aire-Sweep compressor systems, both of which are trademarked products, in pulling the buildup of pollutants and contaminants in the air ducts into a contained filtration system. Such is the efficiency of these cleaning systems that debris as tiny as 1/300th of the diameter of human hair can be captured!  

But before these cleaning systems are used, the COIT cleaners will first check the air ducts for pollutants and contaminants including animal dander, pollen, and dust. This way, they can determine the best application of the vacuum and compressor system.  

  • Wood Floor Cleaning

Even with regular DIY vacuuming, cleaning and polishing, wood floors can still harbor dust, dirt and grime, especially in hard-to-reach areas.  These should be removed because these can weaken the wood flooring’s integrity that, in turn, will eventually result in expensive repairs, even replacements of the damaged wood planks.

This is where the professional wood floor cleaning services of COIT comes in. The COIT cleaning technicians will remove the dirt, dust and grime hidden deep within the boards and/or planks, which will be followed by detailed hand cleaning in the nooks and crannies. The final touch is the application of a top coat for a shiny appearance.  

The wood floor’s boards will not be removed from the base obviously. Instead, COIT technicians use a cleaning equipment with cylindrical action that agitates, loosens and removes the embedded dirt and dust from the boards. The specialized equipment also has squeegees that remove the cleaning solution and its residues from the wood floors so these are completely dry.  

The top coat application will leave the wood floors so shiny and spotless that there’s no need for additional sanding. Customers can choose from either a satin or gloss finish.  

  • Drapery Cleaning

COIT prides itself on literally inventing the process involved in drapery cleaning, as well as it’s the second service the company offered when it first opened its doors for business. The process will remove the accumulated dirt, dust and grime as well as soil, smoke, and pollen from the drapes, curtains and shades using customized treatments.  The technicians will also replace these window treatments with their parallel pleats and/or hems in perfect condition – no shrinkage, no misalignments.

Aside from fabric curtains and draperies, COIT also cleans wood and aluminum horizontal and vertical blinds. The company also cleans roller shades, convertible shades, honeycomb shades, and cellular shades, even plantation shutters. The cleaning technicians are also skilled in cleaning unusual window treatments including sheers, lambrequins, cascades, swags, tie-backs, and festoons.  

  • Natural Stone and Concrete Floor Care

COIT is also the go-to cleaning service provider for the maintenance of natural stone and concrete floors. Both types of floors will become dirty and dull over the years, thus, the need for professional cleaning.

Each stone and concrete floor will be considered as a unique job because of their differences in type of materials used, present physical condition, and age, among other factors. After the cleaning technician has determined the best possible cleaning process for the floor, you can agree on the timeline and results, too. The work can then start on the right foot.  

In general, the natural stone and concrete cleaning process can be briefly described as follows:

  • Preparation of the surfaces mainly by cleaning them followed by masking the non-treatment areas
  • Application of pre-sealing treatment for maintaining a dry surface, where necessary
  • Use of a combo of cleaning agents, abrasive compounds, and grease cutters in honing the surfaces (i.e., honing refers to the removal of the etches, scratches and wear marks on the floor)
  • Rinsing of the surfaces followed by polishing with the use of special compounds and machinery
  • Application of one or more coats of a special sealant so that the floors can be protected against future staining

COIT also offers emergency restoration services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Customers can also count on COIT for residential and commercial cleaning services, such as in offices, shops, and garages.  

Pricing Information

COIT is well-known for its fair prices, a fact that continues to attract its target customers and to retain its existing ones. The company also offers unconditional money-back guarantees on its services.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results of the job performed by the COIT cleaning technicians assigned to your home or office, you can request for the unconditional money-back guarantee. This means COIT will do everything necessary – re-clean, repair, or rectify the issue and, as a last resort, refund – so that you will become satisfied with its services.

COIT will also repair the damage done on any item in your home or office during the course of its cleaning services, at the expense of the company. Alternatively, COIT will credit you with the value of the damaged item as determined by the standards in the cleaning industry.  These measures are above and beyond the standard guarantees offered by COIT’s competitors, yet another reason for its continuing popularity in its coverage areas.

Indeed, COIT is the first name that comes to mind when you’re looking for the best in cleaning services for carpets and rugs, upholstery and window treatments, and wood and stone floors! With more than 60 years of experience in the business, it definitely knows how to walk the talk and, in so doing, provide its customers with excellent results few of its competitors can equal, if at all.

For more information about Coit, visit their official website.

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