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When your home, office and/or store are in great condition, you are more likely to be calmer, happier and more productive – and that’s a fact of life that everybody can agree on. But it can be difficult to keep them clean inside and out, especially when there are carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture, not to mention the wood, tile and concrete components of the building. The sheer scope of the work required to undertake a deep and thorough cleaning of these items can overwhelm even the most dedicated homeowner.

Fortunately, there are reliable professional cleaning service companies and Heaven’s Best is among the best of them! Aside from the excellent results delivered, we highly recommend it because the Heaven’s Best carpet cleaning prices are among the most reasonable in the country, too. We cannot overemphasize the importance of getting the right balance between great results and great prices in any cleaning service provided by professionals.

Below are the latest Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning prices.

Item Price

Heaven's Best Estimates

You can expect to pay a minimum of $99 for regular prices, but the company often features special deals to knock down prices.

22 cents per square foot in homes.

1000 sq. ft. $220.00
2000 sq. ft. $440.00
3000 sq. ft. $660.00
4000 sq. ft. $880.00
5000 sq. ft. $1,100.00
Prices will vary by location and home.
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Company Overview

The first Heaven’s Best location opened in 1983. Since then, the company has expanded its geographic reach mainly by granting franchises in major cities. The now-national franchise offers a wide range of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and hardwood cleaning services, which are performed by its trained and certified cleaning technicians. Every location, whether franchise-owned or company-owned, strive to deliver the best possible services and it shows in the strong reputation for excellence that Heaven’s Best has established.  

Heaven’s Best cleaning technicians use a low-moisture cleaning process resulting in several benefits including lesser water use and faster drying times. In most cases, even wide and thick carpets will be dry within an hour! The fast drying time also means the reduced risk of mold spores development deep within the carpets’ fibers.

The company also assures its customers that their carpets, upholstered items, and area rugs will not only be cleaner and fresher but, more importantly, these will be restored to their nearly brand-new condition.  Reasonable expectations will obviously apply. The carpets’ glue backing will also not be damaged or destroyed during a cleaning process, a welcome news for homeowners who have previous experiences with it.

The Heaven’s Best cleaning process also has several advantages over the competition. For one thing, there will be no sticky chemical residues and the like left on the carpets, rugs, and upholstered items. The professional cleaned items will truly be cleaner and fresher look and feel!

For another thing, the cleaning products used are pet- and child-friendly. Heaven’s Best acknowledges that many homeowners are concerned about the use of possibly toxic chemicals used as ingredients in cleaning solutions. As such, the company only uses safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products, which customers can check for themselves before these are used in their homes.  

Services Offered

As a national franchise, all Heaven’s Best locations offer professional cleaning services of carpets, upholstery, and tile and wood surfaces. These services are available for the residential and commercial sectors, such as apartments, condos and family homes as well as offices, retail spaces, and schools.

For all of these places, Heaven’s Best uses the same safe and effective cleaning process and products albeit with a few differences in accordance with the unique needs of each customer. The cleaning technicians will decide on the best possible changes to the standard process based on several factors. These include the types of items to be cleaned including their size and thickness, their present physical condition, and their desired restoration level, to name a few.  

Emphasis must also be made that the types of cleaning services offered may vary between franchised locations. Many of them offer additional services like fabric protection, rug cleaning, spot drying, and spot and gum removal, as well as duct cleaning and minor carpet repair. Be sure to ask for a menu of services so that you will have a good idea about what you can and cannot ask the Heaven’s Best location to do, cleaning-wise.  

Keep in mind, too, that Heaven’s Best isn’t a maid cleaning service company. But its services can be paired with maid services, such as carpet cleaning and marble polishing.  

  • Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpets serve numerous purposes from acting as an air filter, reducing environmental noise, and adding an extra layer of insulation to beautifying the area and adding character to it. But for carpets to be all of these things and more, these have to be cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. Heaven’s Best recommends professional carpet cleaning at least once every 6 to 12 months depending on the volume of foot traffic, the type and thickness of material, and the environment (i.e., temperature and humidity).  

Many people think that do-it-yourself cleaning, usually via weekly vacuuming and spot removal of food and liquid spills, is sufficient to keep carpet clean and comfortable (i.e., none of the sticky yucky feel under bare feet). But this isn’t true as even regular vacuuming will not remove the dirt, dust, and grime embedded deep within the carpets’ fibers.

The carpets will also likely have pockets of moisture, the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, even when these are vacuumed weekly.  Mold and mildew, unfortunately, may be tiny but the health issues that they can case are anything but tiny for both humans and pets!

With this in mind, you will agree that, indeed, professional carpet cleaning services rendered by Heaven’s Best technicians are a must in keeping a safe and clean environment for your family and/or employees. Heaven’s Best assures its customers that its multi-step carpet cleaning process will deliver excellent results – cleaner and fresher carpets without the sticky residues of chemicals.  

  • Carpet Re-stretching

Due to the foot traffic, carpets will also develop unattractive clumps, buckles and waves in several places. These aren’t just unattractive, however, as these can also be hazards for people and pets, especially in terms of tripping over them. These can also cause the premature wear and tear of the affected carpet that, in turn, will result in its replacement – and that can be more expensive than taking care of the issues as soon as these appear.  

Call Heaven’s Best now because the national franchise also offers carpet re-stretching services.  With its trained technicians taking over the work, your carpets will be re-stretched well until there are no signs of buckles, waves, and clumps. You and your family – or in the case of an office or store, your employees, customers and suppliers – can live and work in a safer environment.

  • Upholstery Cleaning

Many types of furniture can be upholstered in leather and fabric, such as sectional sofas, love seats, and dining chairs.  While weekly cleaning with a clean cloth for leather and vacuuming for fabric furniture will suffice in the short-term period, it won’t be over the long-term period. This is because upholstered items can attract and retain more than 50% of the buildup of dust and dirt in the home and office!  

Think about the nooks and crannies where dust bunnies, leftover food crumbs, and grime buildup can hide, so to speak, from even your scrutinizing eyes. These are also the perfect places for molds, mites and mildew to thrive thereby contributing to increased risk of illnesses, such as allergies.  

Heaven’s Best can make upholstered surfaces look and feel new again, as well as cleaner in look and fresher in smell, without the use of strong cleaning chemicals. The beauty of your upholstered couches, sofa seats, and love seats, even vehicles seats, will be restored – and it’s definitely a more cost-effective method than replacing them.  

For both carpet and upholstery cleaning services, Heaven’s Best also deodorizes the items after cleaning them. After all, the idea of clean isn’t just about the look and feel but also about the smell!  In many cases, the Heaven’s Best technicians will also disinfect the carpets and upholstered items, such as when there are stains from body fluids (e.g., urine and feces).

Many Heaven’s Best locations also offer mattress cleaning as an add-on to upholstery cleaning services. Mattresses should also be professionally cleaned at least once a year – once every six months if you’re gung-ho about cleanliness – to remove dust mites, bed bites, and other detritus from their depths.  

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

Kitchen, living room, and bathroom tiles become dirty due to the buildup of oil and grease, solid and liquid food spills, and foot traffic. Even with hand-scrubbing with soap and water on a monthly basis, the buildup of mold, mildew and grime can be difficult to remove over time. Again, these tiny things can cause big problems in your household so prompt and proper action must be taken – and we’re talking about the professional tile and grout cleaning services of Heaven’s Best!  

The tile and grout cleaners at Heaven’s Best use commercial-grade, non-toxic cleaning products to remove the yucky buildup on these surfaces. Aside from hand-scrubbing, they will also use commercial-grade cleaning equipment for the job.

The result: Your tiles will look brand-new with none of the grimy appearance before! Such is the level of cleanliness that it will look and feel like your kitchen, bathroom, or living room has undergone a complete tile replacement. Plus, you have the assurance that the disease-causing mold and mildew have been completely removed.  

  • Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be more polluted than external air by two to five times! This is because the same air circulates throughout the building when the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system is switched on – and it can be filled with dust, dirt and allergens! Just think about inhaling allergens and the health issues that can follow soon and you will realize the importance of duct vents.  

Heaven’s Best offer effective and efficient duct cleaning, too. By getting your home’s or office’s air ducts cleaned, you and your family members, employees and customers will enjoy cleaner and healthier indoor air.  

Dryers in washing machines can also accumulate a substantial amount of lint, among others, and can have increased risk of dryer fire. Be sure to have these parts cleaned by Heaven’s Best technicians, too. The benefits include higher energy efficiency and, thus, lower energy bills.  

  • Floor Cleaning

Heaven’s Best is also known for its excellent floor cleaning services. The technicians can clean a wide range of flooring surfaces including hardwood, marble, and concrete or stone using safe and effective products and equipment.  

Your floors will be cleaned and polished, as well as conditioned depending on the type of material, so that you may even see your reflection on them. You don’t want scuff marks, spots of stains, and dull areas to mar your otherwise beautiful floors.  Heaven’s Best recommends professional floor cleaning once a year, too, since the buildup of dust, dirt and grime as well as the high foot traffic can cause unsightly signs of wear and tear.

Heaven’s Best also offers VCT strip and wax services for vinyl composite tile floors. The technicians will apply the company’s unique wax removal and application process in making your VCT floors clean and shiny once again.  

  • Water Restoration

Heaven’s Best has also established a good reputation with its water restoration services in cases of floods, broken pipes, and major leaks, as well as for accidents like a broken fish tank.  Be sure to contact them as soon as water damage becomes apparent because time is of the essence in water restoration.

How do the Heaven’s Best technicians sustain the excellent results that their customers expect with every job? According to the company, their technicians were carefully chosen for their appropriate training and work experience as well as for their commitment to outstanding customer service.

Pricing Information

Every Heaven’s Best location has its pricing scheme for its menu of services. In all locations, nonetheless, the common goal is to provide customers with fair prices so that they can get the best value for their money.

Every job also has its specific price since several factors have to be considered. For example, cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet in a maser’s bedroom will be different from cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet in the CEO’s office because of the differences in size, thickness and type of the carpets. Be sure to discuss the cost estimate including its inclusions and exclusions before giving the go signal.  

Contact the nearest Heaven’s Best location now and enjoy the best in carpet and upholstery cleaning services soon!

For more information about Heaven’s Best, visit their official website.

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