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The term “clean” isn’t just about the look and feel of the objects that have been cleaned – it’s also about the fresh smell! Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning delivers on every aspect that encompasses the term, from the spotless carpets, upholstered furniture, and tiles to their deodorized smell. Such is the outstanding results delivered by its trained cleaning technicians that the Oxi Fresh brand is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of geographic reach and reputation.  

Below are the latest Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning prices.

Item Price

Carpet Cleaning Estimates

Minimum job is $90 plus $18 service charge.
Estimated Price for Retail Space $900.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Room) $50.00
Carpet Cleaning (2 Rooms) $100.00
Carpet Cleaning (3 Rooms) $150.00
Carpet Protect (1 Room) $40.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Room) $40.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Entry or Hall) $20.00
Carpet Protect (1 Entry or Hall) $40.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Entry or Hall) $40.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Staircase) $55.00
Carpet Protect (1 Staircase) $40.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Staircase) $40.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Walk In Closets) $20.00
Carpet Protect (1 Walk In Closets) $40.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Walk In Closets) $40.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Landing) $10.00
Carpet Protect (1 Landing) $40.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Landing) $40.00

Upholstery Cleaning Estimates

Minimum job is $90 plus $18 service charge.
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Sofa) $108.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Sofa) $44.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Sofa) $44.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Sectional 4 Seat) $146.68
Upholstery Protect (1 Sectional 1 Seat) $44.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Sectional 1 Seat) $44.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Loveseat) $88.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Loveseat) $44.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Loveseat) $44.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Chair) $40.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Chair) $20.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Chair) $20.00
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Company Overview

In August 2006, Jonathan Barnett launched Oxi Fresh in Lakewood, California as an eco-friendly carpet cleaning business aimed at both the residential and commercial markets. The first location, however, was in Denver, Colorado but he soon quickly increased its number – in less than six months, there were already 17 Oxi Fresh locations in five states.  

In 2007, the company also received its trademark for the Oxi Fresh logo and name as well as the copyright protection for its slogan, “The Way Mother Nature Cleans”.  In the same year, it also offered upholstery cleaning services that, along with its original carpet cleaning services, formed the core of its offerings. By the end of the year, too, the company’s number of locations increased to 87 in 23 states.  

Oxi Fresh continues to increase its number of locations via a franchising program. Based on the latest records, there are more than 225 franchised locations across the United States.  

The Oxi Fresh brand is further strengthened by the company’s membership in several prestigious industry organizations. These include the U.S. Green Building Council, International Sanitary Supply Association, International Franchise Association, and Veterans Franchise Initiative, among others.

Company Reputation

Did you know that Oxi Fresh has been granted the approval to carry the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment mark on one of its products? This is just one proof that the company is committed to the health and safety of its customers through the use of non-toxic cleaning products!

Oxi Fresh continues to receive numerous commendations for its outstanding operations and processes. The recognitions include inclusion in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, Franchise Business Review’s Franchisee Satisfaction Award, and Franchise Times’ Fast 55, most of which were given in consecutive years. In 2009, it was also granted the registered mark as “The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner”.  

Indeed, Oxi Fresh is considered as among the best franchised businesses in the United States with entrepreneurs scooping up the opportunity to become part of the brand!

Oxi Fresh is also well-known for its innovative approaches toward the delivery of outstanding customer service. In early 2010, for example, the company launched its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system along with the new official website. The CRM system provided franchisees with the necessary tools in the effective and efficient management of schedules and customer databases via an easy-to-use yet safe and secure software. In turn, the customers benefited from the CRM system, such as in getting prompt responses and excellent results.

Customers can call the toll free number 1-877-OXIFRESH for their appointments and bookings, as well as for their concerns and issues. The call center staff are well-trained in handling these matters and in dealing with all types of customers, even the demanding ones. The number, by the way, is also used by all franchisees as well as used in the company’s national marketing campaigns; the name recall makes it easy for interested individuals to make the call, too.  

When booking your cleaning appointments with Oxi Fresh, you don’t have to worry about planning your day around the day of the cleaning technicians, so to speak. Instead, you can schedule based on your desired specific times instead of the usual window provided by Oxi Fresh’s competitors. You may also be able to change the schedule under certain circumstances by calling ahead about it.  

Oxi Fresh is also involved in the community and its welfare. As a cleaning company, it uses plenty of water so it makes sense that one of its strongest partnerships is with water.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions for the global water crisis. The organization works with local communities in the development of sustainable solutions for their water issues and, in the process, break the cycle of poverty plaguing them for generations.  

The partnership between the two entities take many forms. The most prominent is in the donation made by Oxi Fresh to water.org every time a customer uses the Online Scheduler for booking his or her appointment.  

Oxi Fresh also takes pride in the high customer ratings it consistently gets from its thousands of customers across the United States.  These positive customer reviews are among the reasons for Oxi Fresh’s increasing popularity in the carpet and upholstery cleaning sector despite the presence of long-standing competitors and new entries.  

Services Offered

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is fully committed to offering its customers eco-friendly, non-toxic and top-notch cleaning services. The processes and products applied by its cleaning technicians have been provide safe for children and pets – and, in fact, one of its products has the EPA Design of the Environment label, as previously mentioned, because of it!  

The cleaning products, furthermore, don’t contain harsh chemicals so these don’t leave sticky residues after rinsing. Plus, the Oxi Fresh cleaning technicians ensure that the cleaned carpets, rugs and upholstery look and feel good to the touch.

Oxi Fresh uses a powerful oxygenated cleaning system wherein stubborn spots and stains can be fully removed from the carpet pile, among other materials being treated. Even when the carpet seems beyond hope to an untrained eye, the cleaning technicians will likely find effective ways to make it look better than ever.

Of course, the oxygenated cleaning system can only be applied on certain materials on carpets, rugs and the like. For its other services, such as tile and grout cleaning, other methods will be used. Be sure to ask the cleaning technicians first if you have any doubts or concerns about the job before they start on it.  

The following are the core services of Oxi Fresh locations. If you need cleaning services other than the core services listed here, you can ask the franchisee about extra services.

  • Carpet and rug cleaning

Carpets and rugs add charm to the interiors, whether it’s your home or your office, aside from their practical functions. Due to the type of materials used and their thickness combined with the foot traffic, these are also magnets for dead skin cells, dirt and dust, among other icky things. Many carpets and rugs may even be riddled with stains from body fluids, food crumbs, and liquid spills resulting in their ugly appearance and unsavory smell.

Fortunately, Oxi Fresh cleaning technicians can completely remove these unwanted detritus from your carpets and rugs! But the company doesn’t use strong chemicals and cleaning solutions in doing so because then it will be against its avowed mission. Instead, it uses eco-friendly, child- and pet-safe, and non-toxic cleaning solutions that do the job as well, if not better, than these chemicals.  

The Oxi Fresh cleaning process also uses low water use techniques – even a large wall-to-wall carpet can be cleaned using about two gallons or so of water – resulting in numerous benefits. First, water conservation is possible, a far cry from do-it-yourself efforts where gallons of water will be used. Second, the carpet will become completely dry within an hour or so after it has been cleaned.

Even the best cleaning solutions, however, will be of little use when in the wrong hands! Oxi Fresh assures its customers that its carpet and rug cleaning technicians have undergone extensive training for their work.

  • Upholstery cleaning

Upholstered furniture, such as sectional sofas, couches, and love seats, are among the most commonly used pieces in the home and office. Over time, their materials will undergo normal wear and tear due to their frequent use and exposure to dirt, dust and detritus from the human body (i.e., dead skin cells, sweat, and hair).

Without professional cleaning, the furniture will show signs of premature wear and tear. This is true even when weekly or monthly cleaning, such as wiping with a clean cloth or vacuuming the surface, is done by the homeowner. There are several reasons for it including the less powerful suctioning capacity of non-commercial vacuum cleaners to the more stubborn detritus sticking to the surface.  

The good news: Oxi Fresh cleaning technicians can remove the icky things that your do-it-yourself efforts did not! The company uses a unique method for a deep and thorough clean of upholstered furniture. The method includes the use of its Oxi Pro machine, a powerful cleaning equipment, and Oxi Rinse in breaking down and removing the stubborn detritus.

  • Tile and grout cleaning

The tiles in the kitchen sink and countertop, bathroom floors and walls, and living areas will become dirty over time despite regular cleaning. The tiles themselves and the spaces between them are magnets for mold and mildew due to their high moisture nature. The result: Dark and dull colors where none should be present.  

With Oxi Fresh tile and grout cleaning services, fortunately, the glossy look of your tiles will be restored while grout will look like new. Such is the outstanding quality of the service that your bathroom, kitchen and/or living areas will look like these have undergone a complete renovation!  You will find that the cost of the tile and grout cleaning services is significantly less than complete replacement of the tiles – and that’s another reason for getting Oxi Fresh on the job.

Oxi Fresh also applies a sealant on the cleaned tile and grout so that these areas can be protected from the quick buildup of mold and mildew in the future.

  • Wood floor cleaning

Wood floors are beautiful to look at but these are also difficult to maintain, both in terms of structural integrity and beauty. Over time, soil, rocks and dirt as well as the shoes of people, paws of pets, and feet of furniture coming into contact with the wood result in scratches, scuff marks, and dull areas.  Even the use of floor polishers can add to the premature wear and tear.

Oxi Fresh can restore the beauty of your wood floors without using strong chemicals, re-sanding or refinishing their surfaces, and stripping them of their beautiful colors. Instead, the company uses its specially designed wood floor cleaning machine to break up and remove the dirt from the surface, even in the nooks and crannies.  Your wood floors will not only be cleaner but these will also be glossier – truly, floors that you can be proud of.

Oxi Fresh also uses a bacterial inhibitor on the surfaces that have been cleaned, usually upon request. The bacterial inhibitor is an antimicrobial agent that forms a protective barrier against bacteria, algae and fungi.  

Pricing Information

The popularity of Oxi Fresh partly lies in its reasonable prices for its cleaning services. Keep in mind that the prices aren’t the cheapest in the industry but the services aren’t the most mediocre either. As with all professional services, the quantity of the dollars paid for the services will be commensurate to the quality of the services rendered.  

Oxi Fresh also offers carpet cleaning coupons that obviously provide discounts for its services. These coupons are also easy to find and to use – just enter your zip code into the appropriate search bar on the Oxi Fresh website and voila! You can get carpet cleaning coupons that can be used in the nearest Oxi Fresh location.  

The actual bill for Oxi Fresh’s cleaning services will vary depending on several factors, mainly the type of service being rendered, whether it is carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. The company usually offers free estimates of whatever cleaning service you are interested in so we suggest using it to your advantage. The negotiations can follow although many, if not most, customers find the estimated costs to be fair and reasonable, if not competitive in relation to the competitors’ prices.  

If you live near an Oxi Fresh location, you should contact it immediately in case you have carpet, upholstery and/or floor cleaning needs. You will find that the company can be your valuable partner in keeping your home and office as clean as a whistle!

For more information about Oxi Fresh, visit their official website.

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