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Clean isn’t just about appearances although it’s the most important aspect for property owners. Instead, clean is also about the absence of mold, mildew and dust mites, among other possible pathogens, in the carpets, upholstered furniture, and air ducts of your home. This can be achieved by availing of the professional cleaning services offered by Stanley Steemer!

The following Stanley Steemer prices are estimates only.

Item Price

Carpet Cleaning Estimates

Minimum cleaning job is $100. Portable unit has to be used if area is on 3rd floor or higher, minimum job $300. Pricing based on standard room size up to 300 square feet.
Carpet Cleaning (1 Room) $55.00
Carpet Cleaning (2 Rooms) $110.00
Carpet Cleaning (3 Rooms) $165.00
Carpet Protect (1 Room) $25.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Room) $20.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Bath or Laundry) $25.00
Carpet Protect (1 Bath or Laundry) $10.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Bath or Laundry) $5.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Entry or Hall) $25.00
Carpet Protect (1 Entry or Hall) $10.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Entry or Hall) $5.00
Carpet Cleaning (1 Staircase) $55.00
Carpet Protect (1 Staircase) $25.00
Carpet Deodorize (1 Staircase) $20.00

Upholstery Cleaning Estimates

Minimum cleaning job is $100. Portable unit has to be used if area is on 3rd floor or higher, minimum job $300.
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Sofa) $99.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Sofa) $50.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Sofa) $25.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Sectional) $199.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Sectional) $75.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Sectional) $50.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Loveseat) $82.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Loveseat) $41.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Loveseat) $20.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Chair) $55.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Chair) $28.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Chair) $14.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Ottoman) $20.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Ottoman) $10.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Ottoman) $5.00
Upholstery Cleaning (1 Dining Room Chair) $15.00
Upholstery Protect (1 Dining Room Chair) $8.00
Upholstery Deodorize (1 Dining Room Chair) $4.00

Leather Cleaning Estimates

Minimum cleaning job is $100. Portable unit has to be used if area is on 3rd floor or higher, minimum job $300.
Leather Cleaning/Moisturize (1 Sofa) $99.00
Leather Protect (1 Sofa) $50.00
Leather Cleaning/Moisturize (1 Sectional) $199.00
Leather Protect (1 Sectional) $75.00
Leather Cleaning/Moisturize (1 Loveseat) $82.00
Leather Protect (1 Loveseat) $41.00
Leather Cleaning/Moisturize (1 Chair) $55.00
Leather Protect (1 Chair) $28.00
Leather Cleaning/Moisturize (1 Ottoman) $20.00
Leather Protect (1 Ottoman) $10.00
Leather Cleaning/Moisturize (1 Dining Room Chair) $15.00
Leather Protect (1 Dining Room Chair) $8.00

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning Estimates

Minimum cleaning job is $100. Portable unit has to be used if area is on 3rd floor or higher, minimum job $300.
Tile Cleaning (1 Room) $99.00
Clear Seal (1 Room) $50.00
Tile Cleaning (1 Bath or Laundry) $30.00
Clear Seal (1 Bath or Laundry) $15.00
Tile Cleaning (1 Entry or Hall) $40.00
Clear Seal (1 Entry or Hall) $25.00
Tile Cleaning (1 Staircase) $99.00
Clear Seal (1 Staircase) $50.00

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Estimates

Minimum cleaning job is $100. Portable unit has to be used if area is on 3rd floor or higher, minimum job $300. Pricing based on standard room size up to 300 square feet.
Wood Cleaning (1 Room) $99.00
Maintenance Coat (1 Room) $50.00
Wood Cleaning (1 Bath or Laundry) $30.00
Maintenance Coat (1 Bath or Laundry) $15.00
Wood Cleaning (1 Entry or Hall) $40.00
Maintenance Coat (1 Entry or Hall) $20.00
Wood Cleaning (1 Staircase) $99.00
Maintenance Coat (1 Staircase) $50.00

Air Duct Cleaning Estimates

Up to 12 Total # of Vents & Returns $300.00
Each Extra Vent or Return (After Total of 12 Vents) $25.00
1 Furnace / HVAC System $150.00
1 Dryer Vent Cleaning $150.00
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Company Overview

In 1947, Jack A. Bates invested in a home-based carpet cleaning business with an initial capital of $2,300. Over the years, he expanded the number of locations by opening several more company-owned locations and accepting franchise application. He also expanded the types of services offered by these locations, from carpet cleaning only to hardwood cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

Nowadays, Stanley Steemer is still a family-owned business with the third generation leading the company toward a brighter future. The headquarters are in Dublin- Ohio while its more than 300 company-owned and franchised locations are in 49 states in the United States. Such is the reach of its locations that Stanley Steemer says it reaches nearly 95% of the country’s population.  

With its aggressive and smart expansion plan, the chain will continue to strengthen its leadership status in the highly competitive professional cleaning industry – and that’s exactly what its growing number of customers need! Every property owner, from homeowners to office building owners, after all, will require one or more of its professional cleaning services at least once a year.  

Stanley Steemer is well-known, too, for its fleet of yellow vans equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The company also prides itself on its highly competent and courteous cleaning technicians, its 24/7 quick response time, and its excellent customer service. Of course, its cleaning services are among the most highly regarded in the industry because of the excellent results delivered each and every time!  

The company also highlights the fact that it also manufactures its own state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products. This way, Stanley Steemer exerts complete control over nearly every step of the cleaning process.

Services Offered

Stanley Steemer’s wide range of cleaning services means that nearly every need can be satisfactorily addressed. Keep in mind that the company doesn’t offer main cleaning services, pest extermination, and HVAC servicing, among others. Take a look at its menu of services and ask its customer hotline (1-800-STEEMER (1-800-783-3637) for more information.

  • Carpet cleaning

Stanley Steemer uses the hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, method in cleaning carpets. Basically, heated soft water combined with a specially-formulated cleaning solution will be applied via injections into the carpet fibers and left for several minutes.

Then, a commercial-grade vacuum will be used in extracting the buildup of dust, dirt and detritus as well as the cleaning solution and most of the moisture away from the carpet fibers. Dehumidifiers and dryers will then be used to speed up the drying process.

While light vacuuming on the carpets to be professionally cleaned is recommended, it isn’t required since the Stanley Steemer crew can do it.  On average, the crew will take about 20 minutes to clean the carpet in each room but the actual time will vary depending on several factors. These include the size and type of carpet, the extent of its dirty appearance, and the application of spot treatments, if any.  

  • Upholstery Cleaning

Stanley Steemer also uses the hot water extraction method in cleaning upholstered furniture in most cases. But for some types of fabrics, the technicians will use another appropriate method, especially for the delicate fabrics. You and the technicians will discuss the best cleaning method before work starts.  

Upholstered furniture should be cleaned by trained professionals once every 12 or 24 months depending on its extent of use. This is recommended because of the buildup of dirt and dust from daily use can become stubborn even with regular wipe-downs. The original protective coating can also deteriorate over time but the Stanley Steemer technicians can reapply a new coating after cleaning.  

  • Leather Cleaning

Leather of all types require regular care in order to maintain their softness and retain their moisture. While the application of store-bought cleaners and conditioners on leather will restore its beautiful appearance within a short period, these can cause long-term damage when applied haphazardly. Instead, let the Stanley Steemer technicians take care of your leather cleaning needs so you can get great results.  

Professional leather cleaning has several advantages over do-it-yourself cleaning. First, the leather cleaners and conditioners used by Stanley Steemer technicians provide long-term rejuvenation for all types of leather. In contrast, their store-bought counterparts contain lubricants and silicones that may restore the leather’s shine but, over time, dehydrate and damage the material.  

Stanley Steemer can clean aniline, nubuck, pigmented, and suede leather, among other types. Leather in automobiles, recreation vehicles, and boats can also be cleaned and, in fact, we highly recommend it because it’s more exposed to the elements. Like with upholstery, experts recommend professional leather cleaning once every 6 to 12 months.  

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grime will still build up over tiles and grout lines even with regular cleaning and scrubbing. In fact, the moisture from water-and-soap scrubbings can seep through the protective layer of the tiles and grout resulting in the buildup of grime. Fortunately, it can be removed via professional cleaning and, thus, the clean appearance of the grout and the glossy look of the tiles can be restored.

Stanley Steemer uses especially formulated cleaners along with a high-pressure rotary tool and truck-mounted steam/pressure cleaner in stripping the waxy buildup on the tiles and removing the embedded dirt in the grout lines.  The tiles and grout will not only look new with their dull spots and dirty lines removed.

The technicians have the skills and tools necessary to deal with all types of tiles used on kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and entryways, among other areas. The frequency of professional cleaning required will depend on several factors, too, including the type and frequency of foot traffic.  

  • Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone is among the most popular materials in homes and offices because of their durability and beauty. But over time, the material can also become dull and dirty so professional cleaning is required to restore it to its former glory.

Stanley Steemer comes to the rescue! The technicians can clean a wide range of natural stone types including marble, limestone, travertine, granite, slate, concrete, flagstone, and terrazzo floors, among others.  The cleaning time will vary depending on several factors including the size and type of the stones, the scope of work, and the number of sealants and/or polish required.

In general, a 300 square feet-room will take about 30 to 60 minutes to clean; the application of polish and sealant will extend the time. Be sure to wait for an hour at least before walking on the cleaned floors so that the sealers and polish can become completely dry; the sealants will be dry within 24 hours so liquid spills should be completely avoided.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts should also be professionally cleaned because these will affect the energy efficiency of your home’s HVAC system and your home’s indoor air quality. The dirt and debris that build up over time in the ventilation system can result in premature wear and tear on the HVAC components, too, as well as increase the risk of health issues like allergies and asthma.

Emphasis must be made that not only old houses will require air duct cleaning. Surprisingly, new houses should also have their air ducts cleaned because the construction debris can also clog them up!

The Stanley Steemer technicians have the skills and knowledge to deal with air duct cleaning jobs in a safe and effective manner. They are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

According to the company, not all Stanley Steemer locations offer air duct cleaning. Call 1-800-STEEMER (1-800-783-3637) first to inquire about the availability of said service in your area.  

  • Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood floors may be beautiful but these can be challenging to maintain! The wood can become dull and dirty over time, especially with high foot traffic. Even regular cleaning including vacuuming and polishing will still leave the stubborn dirt behind so professional cleaning is still necessary for a truly clean look and feel.  

The Stanley Steemer technicians will thoroughly vacuum the hardwood floors to remove the loose debris, such as dirt, pet dander, and soil. They will follow it up with two types of auto scrubbing, first with an alkaline cleaner and second with a neutral cleaner. They will also hand scrub the edges of the hardwood floor and the stairs.

You can also request them to apply the Stanley Steemer’s Clean and Maintenance Coat as a protective barrier against premature wear and tear.

  • Emergency Water Extraction Services

Stanley Steemer is also available for emergency water extraction. Call its hotline number and request for a certified restoration specialist from the customer service advisor on the line.

You will be advised about the steps in minimizing the water damage until the technicians arrive at your doorstep; the crew usually arrives within three hours or less. You can let the technicians take over the water extraction and removal job because of their skills and knowledge about it.

The Stanley Steemer technicians use professional-grade equipment for the cleaning and drying process. They will also look for hidden pockets of moisture that can undo their work and encourage mold growth.

The Stanley Steemer brand isn’t just about the professional cleaning services. The company is also known for its professional products that can be used in do-it-yourself cleaning jobs in between professional cleanings.  

  • Pet-Mess Solution Kit for cleaning the mess left behind by your pets. The kit includes a spot remover, an odor remover, a pet hair lifter, and an absorbent towel.
  • Carpet and Upholstery Spot Remover for removing many types of spots and spills.
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaner for cleaning and protecting both hardwood and laminate floors. The solution will remove dirt, grease, and scuff and scratch marks while also making the floors look glossy. This also comes in a kit with a microfiber pad and its attachment.  
  • Red Wine Remover for removing most types of red wine and other tannin-based spots like tea and berries.
  • Odor Out Plus removes offensive odor upon application and removes the source via natural bacterial enzymes.
  • Neutral Tile and Grout Cleaner are suitable for small spots during a general cleaning job.

Other products are door mats, Grandi Groom brushes, and Handi Brush. These can be purchased in the franchised locations and on the website. These can also be given as gifts to your family and friends, usually via gift certificates that can also be used for services in all of the locations nationwide; shipping charges will apply.  

Pricing Information

When asking about the Stanley Steemer prices for services, we suggest asking as many questions as possible, especially when you have specific or unique cleaning issues. The prices for the cleaning services usually include moving the furniture, vacuuming the carpets before the application of the cleaning solution, and treating the spots, as well as the 10-day satisfaction policy. If you have more questions, you can ask the customer service advisor and/or the technicians assigned to your home or office.  

Stanley Steemer doesn’t impose additional charges unless otherwise agreed on beforehand, thus, it’s considered as among the most trustworthy in the industry. There are also no hidden charges while tips to technicians aren’t encouraged.  

Every Stanley Steemer technician that comes to your doorstep is actually employed by the company or its franchisees. The company policy doesn’t allow subcontracting so that quality control and standard operating procedures can be followed to the letter.  Every technician has also been subjected to background checks, drug tests, and proper training.

The actual bill for a cleaning service will depend on the type of the service, the scope of the work and the size of the room, and the type of products and equipment used. According to Stanley Steemer, a typical room measures 300 square feet so it’s priced as a single area. A room measuring 300 square feet but less than 600 square feet is considered as two areas and, thus, it will be priced as such.  

Come and visit the nearest Stanley Steemer office and start your partnership with the best and largest cleaning company in the United States!  

For more information about Stanley Steemer, visit their official website.

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